TALANTA MTAANI Frequently asked questions

I want to participate, how and when can I do that?

Between July - October 2018 TALANTA MTAANI season 2 is on-going and therefore you cant audition or join the show. We will announce the new auditions for TALANTA MTAANI season 3 in October 2018. In the meantime you can register via the official website for TALANTA MTAANI www.talantamtaani.com/forms

Can I audition more than once?

There are no rules about auditioning as the same "act" - as long as it is not in the same city/day. Each act can however only audition once in each city.

I am under 18 years, can I participate on TALANTA MTAANI?

If you are under 18 and are planning on attending the auditions (either as a performer or a supporter) without your parent or legal guardian, there are very strict guidelines you must read carefully, or you or your group will not be allowed to audition. Everyone under 18 attending the audition will be required to bring a parental or guardian consent. Fill out form nr 4 at www.talantamtaani.com/forms ALL minors, contestants or supports, MUST have permission from their parent or legal guardian to attend the auditions OR must be accompanied by a parent of legal guardian.

Can I bring friends, supporters and family with me to the auditions?

Family and friends are encouraged to attend the open call auditions with the Performer - however, they are not allowed in the audition room unless the Performer is a minor. Any supporter, 18 years or older, will not be allowed in the audition room unless they are part of your act, or are helping with equipment. All of your supporters will remain in the holding area, and you will be able to meet up with them when your audition is over.

TIPS For Everyone!

1) Be original. 2) Don't be boring. 3) Stand out from the crowd. 4) Be fearless. Here is some more advice: Dress to impress. Come with the outfit you want to wear on TV. It doesn't hurt to wear something you're comfortable in but will also let you stand out in the crowd.

What is TALANTA MTAANI about?

TALANTA MTAANI is a youth empowerment talent show that leads a process of identifying, training, mentoring, exposes and eventually seeking market placement for various youth through a national talent search contest broadcasted in mainstream media (Standard Group). The on-going Season 2 (July-Oct 2018) is aligned with the overall strategic intentions of the capacity buidling PIMA (Protection, Interconnection, Mentorship & Assistance) training with its partners Uwezo Awareness Organization (UAO), Ciplar International (CIPLAR) & the Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) working for ensuring that talented youth are comprehensively equipped to enable them venture in the various creative arts markets with the overall aim of ensuring sustainable earnings in an environment devoid of unfair advantage from the various stakeholders.

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